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this is rape culture, and it has got to stop.  stay strong jada.

This is so incredibly disgusting. My heart breaks for this girl. 

This is the world we live in. 


Question of the day: Why does America seem to love the black culture, yet hate black people?


I think if there is a crime being committed… it’s that Child Protective Services is wasting time and resources on a non-issue that was hyped up by the media. Their time and attention would be much better spent focusing on the real abuses of children in the US.


When we send our children to school in this country, they learn nothing about us other than that we used to be cotton pickers. Every little child going to school thinks his grandfather was a cotton picker.

Why, your grandfather… was one of the greatest Black people who walked on this earth. It was your grandfather’s hands who forged civilization and it was your grandmother’s hands that rocked the cradle of civilization…Our history and our culture were completely destroyed when we were forcibly brought to America in chains.

And now it is important for us to know that our history did not begin with slavery. We came from Africa, a great continent, wherein lives a proud and varied people, a land which is the cradle of civilization. Our culture and our history are as old as man himself and yet we know almost nothing about it.

—Malcolm X, 1964

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Ask Chesca: How do you feel about white rappers?



I’m sorry but this all is just wrong wrong wrong. Why does everything have to be about race. First off i’m black, 2nd Iggy isn’t imitating what she thinkings black people sound like, she using an American accent. No see didn’t reveal herself on Dancing with the stars. In a interview with the Breakfast club she points out she speaks with her Austrailian accent and raps in an america one….so what. Kendrick alter his voice on songs, Danny Brown can sound like a street nigga then turn around and sound like a cartoon character. What racist things have she said?? there was a line about slaves and master in one of her songs but thats it. I mean the girl is signed to T.I.s label Grand Hustle, so her being racist is highly unlikely. I feel like Tip would just passed on her if she was a fake racist white woman.

Tell me how many female rappers have made hits on the billboard in the past 5-10 years, how many white female rappers can you even name, ill wait…… Iggy took the charts by storm this year, cause she made pop catchy hits. why do you think song she releases last year like ‘Murda Buisness’ didn’t boost her stock in the industry up? I don’t anyone is comparing her as rapper to Nicki Minaj cause thats a completely unfair battle. 

Iggy is basically the female Macklemore of this year. Kendrick didnt make pop catchy commercial tunes, Macklemore did thats why he was winning grammys. if kendrick had 3 number 1 singles and top 5 platinum selling independent album he wouldve got the grammy. real hiphop fans all know kendrick had a better ‘Rap’ album. But macklemore was able to touch base with black whites, gays, straights, old, young, the world. not just a group of hip hop fans. Please tell me some rappers that supports Gay right as loud as Macklemore does?? Hip Hop is one of biggest homophobic genres… “pause” “no Homo” everyone getting at drake for sing and expressing his feelings. 

Overall it’s not about race, Rappers are homophobic, Macklemore and Iggy make music that are catchy poppy which leads to them being commercial successes 

Let us not forget that you can be friends with a POC and still say/do racist things. You can also have sex with a POC and still say/do racist things. “I have a black friend/spouse/co-worker” is not a “get out of being racist” card. Being signed to T.I.’s label does not give Iggy a pass on the things she has said or done. I don’t really know anything about T.I. but I’m pretty sure he signed her because he knew she would sell records. And…she’s doing that. Let’s not forget Pharrell brought us the “gift” that is the new Miley Cyrus. Ahem. “New Black”

And since you asked, here are screen caps of Iggy Azela’s tweets where she regularly uses slurs

LGBT rappers support gay rights “better” than Macklemore because they’re actually LGBT. We all know Macklemore isn’t gay because he reminded us a million times in his gay (but i’m not gay) anthem. Not to mention, he STOLE the beat for Thrift Shop from a BLACK GAY RAPPER.  

Yes, Iggy and Macklemore make pop music that everyone loves, good for them! The problem is that they’re being praised for a kinda good but not amazing effort at something, mostly because they’re white. There’s this “novelty” in white people doing black things whereas black people don’t always get the same credit for doing it first and better. Oh hey Elvis! 

Honestly? I answered a question about Iggy to make a broader point about how the music industry loves white people making black music. This is not an opinion. This is a fact. No, it’s not ALWAYS about race. But yeah, a lot of it is about race. 

EDITED TO ADD: Oh, and how could I forget Macklemore dressing up in a Jewish costume and then giving a non-apology after being called out? Just NO. These are not “allies” I’m interested in having. Keep them.

chelsea-fay Asked: How do you feel about white rappers -- not in terms of personal creed (EX: the racism of Iggy Azalea) but just the fact that they're rapping? I saw a post calling Iggy's rapping "vocal blackface." What's your opinion on this?


I don’t really mind white rappers but I do think Iggy’s voice is a put on, which is racist as hell. She’s imitating what she believes black people sound like. Gross. You can tell it’s an act in her interviews but it’s pretty obvious in her recent appearance on dancing with the stars. She flubbed during her performance and broke character. Her natural voice is completely different. She’s said so many blatantly racist things that even if someone explained to her why her faux “blaccent” was offensive, I doubt she’d get it.

I will say this though, the media’s praise and hype over Iggy is a pretty clear example of her white privilege. Yeah, she’s cute but as a lyricist she’s average at best. Recently some magazine praised her as having the biggest debut for a female rapper since Nicki Minaj which….is cool I guess, but her album sold like 1/7th of what Pink Friday did, so it’s really not even worth mentioning. Same goes with her body. Yes, her body is banging, but according to the media a slim waist and big ass are only ideal when it’s on a white body. (I’m lookin at you Kim Kardashian…)

Same with Macklemore. He’s average at best, but praised endlessly and winning Grammys over more talented rappers mainly because he’s white. Someone on Twitter described it as, “Macklemore can rap about racism and poor black people and win a Grammy. Meanwhile Kendrick Lamar raps about actually BEING a poor black kid and gets nothing?” And then there’s the praise he gets for being an LGBT ally, as if rappers don’t support gay rights. Ugh. plenty of other rap artist support gay rights and there’s even a growing community of gay rappers and hip hop artists. So yeah. Change that, I don’t mind white rappers when they aren’t acting like they invented rap and at least credit black artists. Sadly, that doesn’t happen enough. Mainstream media stays acting like white rappers are the only ones supporting LGBT rights and the rest of hip hop is just homophobic misogynist dribble. Not here for it.




Rape is the only crime on the books for which arguing that the temptation to commit it was too clear and obvious to resist is treated as a defence. For every other crime, we call that a confession.

I’ve gotten more angry asks about this post than I have actual reblogs.

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I think if there is a crime being committed… it’s that Child Protective Services is wasting time and resources on a non-issue that was hyped up by the media. Their time and attention would be much better spent focusing on the real abuses of children in the US.

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Karyn Washington, founder of the For Brown Girls blog, has died of an apparent suicide, reports MadameNoire.com. The influential blogger was only 22 years old.

Washington’s blog celebrated self-love, particularly among dark-skinned women. She also launched the #DarkSkinRedLip project after rapper A$AP Rocky suggested that darker-skinned women should avoid crimson lips. Following her lead, thousands of women of color posted photos of themselves proudly rocking red lips using the hashtag.

While working earnestly to empower women of all races and colors, Washington was also dealing with personal struggles. According to a friend, she had been battling depression and was also finding it hard to deal with the loss of her mother.


Black women, who often shoulder so much burden and to admit any weakness of the mind and body is to be considered defective. Vulnerability is not allowed. Tears are discouraged. Victims are incessantly blamed. We are hard on our women, and suffer as a result.

When your community tells you that you’re better off praying than seeking the advice of medical professionals and medication, you feel shame when you feel your mind is breaking. There is no safe place. To admit to any mental frailty is to invite scorn and mockery.

Mental Illness is Real


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Question of the day: Why does America seem to love the black culture, yet hate black people?

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